These Victims Paid Millions in Naira & Dollars to Kidnap Kingpin Evans for their Release

Billionaire kidnapping kingpin Evans, who was recently captured in Lagos has named some of his victims.

Evans, who charged his victims in dollars told the police he could not remember all his victims as well as the money charged, but was able to remember a few.

In the list, the highest amount received was $1.2M and the lowest was NGN15M.

Evans held some of his victims for as long as 3 months, Daily Trust reports.

See list below:

1. Mbarikatta – NGN20M
2. Paul – NGN20M
3. Mohammed – NGN17M
4. Kingsley – NGN15M
5. Anthony – NGN15M
6. Leo – NGN15M
7. Ojukwu – $1M
8. James – $1.2M
9. Raymond – $1M
10. Uche – $1M
11. Elias – $1M
12. Francis – $1M
13. Donatus – NGN150M
14. Ohunyon – NGN85M
15. Dan – NGN100M
16. Uyi* – NGN100M
17. Tom – NGN100M
18. Kings* – NGN40M
19. Randeki – NGN30M


This post has been updated to remove the last names of the victims for security reasons.

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